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Danville Councilmember Newell Arnerich, represents ‘Responsible Experienced Leadership’ in governance of the Town of Danville. Newell has always been committed to maintaining Danville’s ‘small town atmosphere and outstanding quality of life’ along a road that took over 160 years to build. Together, along with his fellow Councilmembers, he has guided Danville with no debt, no post-retirement obligations, no unfunded liabilities and the most cost effective community in the area. Newell is a selfless leader who dedicates his time to keeping Danville safe - the safest community in California.

Top priorities:

  • Protect our small-town atmosphere
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility with balanced budget, high reserves
  • Preserve our open space and keep our Town the safest community in California

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Proud Member of
Danville Area Chamber of Commerce
Friends of Councilmember Arnerich 2020 Newsletter  
Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are pleased to announced that Newell is running for re-election to the Danville Town Council, with the fast approaching November 3 election date, we wanted you to be the first to know he is launching a re-election campaign.
Over the past years he has helped guide Danville through three economic down turns and re-built much of Old Town Danville, that had vacancy rates of nearly 40% in 1995 and lacked Town investment. Prior to the recent pandemic, Danville was experiencing its best years financially as one of the most cost-effective cities and the safest community in California, year over year. This did not happen by chance, it was carefully planned.He will continue his deep commitment to maintaining Danville’s ‘small town atmosphere and outstanding quality of life’ while preserving our 43% permanent open-space.
The pandemic is affecting all of us personally, including local businesses and Town government. No one is untouched by the totality of these recent events.  The combined health and economic crises have created significant challenges. More than ever we need experienced leadership to carefully deal with recovery on multiple fronts.
He is confident that our future looks bright and a carefully guided safe return to economic and health prosperity lies ahead. Our mission in local governance is based on Community Policing, Parks, Planning and Public Works. He has helped guide Danville with no debt, no post-retirement obligations, no unfunded liabilities and the most cost-effective community in the area - based on strong “pay-as-you-go” fiscal policies. His personal goal is to be a selfless leader who dedicates whatever time is necessary to keep Danville as the safest community in California.
It takes a lot of work to run for election and the assistance of many friends and supporters.We would greatly appreciate your endorsement and your support, please visit our website to contribute to the campaign!  
He is honored to have served as Mayor of Danville six terms and will be honored to have your support and vote on November 3rd for his re-election!

A list of Activities for Newell:

Street Smarts Committee, Board Member/Founder 
Danville Area Chamber of Commerce 
Community Mentor Award, Tri-Valley APAPA
Contra Costa County Sheriff's Posse
100 Club Contra Costa County Life Member 
CERT, Community Emergency Response Team Certified
Honorary Board Member, Tri Valley APAPA
Danville Sycamore Valley Rotary Club, Past President/Member-22 years
Hospice of the East Bay, volunteer
Operation Welcome Home, Co-founder
Sentinels of Freedom, Volunteer/Supporter
Operation Wounded Minds, Volunteer/Supporter
Honorary Principal Silicon Valley Academy
Honorary Principal Wenzhou New Star English Training Center
SAGE World Cup at UC Berkeley 2019 Judge - Entrepreneurship Program
Published over 50 articles on governance, leadership and economic trends
Guest lectured at Stanford University MBA International Classes, UC Berkeley and other institutions
Keynote speaker on 5 continents about leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Hon. David O. Livingston, CCC Sheriff
Hon. Candace Andersen, CCC Supervisor for Danville Mayor
Chris Wenzel, Danville Police Chief, Ret.
Hon. Bill Clarkson, San Ramon Mayor
Hon. John Marchand, Mayor of Livermore
Hon. Robert Storer, Danville Councilmember, former Mayor
Hon. Mike Doyle, Danville Councilmember, former Mayor. Ret.
Hon. Karen Stepper, Danville Mayor Councilmember, former Mayor
Hon. Lisa Blackwell, Danville Vice-Mayor
Hon. Renee Morgan, Danville Councilmember, former Mayor
Hon. Scott Perkins, San Ramon City Council
Hon. Dave Hudson, San Ramon City Council
Hon. Loella Haskew, City of Walnut Creek Mayor
Hon. Amy Worth, City of Orinda Vice Mayor
Hon. Inga Miller, City of Orinda Councilmember, former Mayor
Hon. Julie Pierce, City of Clayton, Mayor
Hon. John Coleman, EBMUD Director
Hon. Ken Mintz, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Greg Marvel, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Rachel Hurd, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Matt Stamey, SRVFPD Director
Zae Perrin, CEO Chamber of Commerce
Mark Graham, Danville Planning Commissioner
Paul Radich, Danville Planning Commissioner
Robert Combs, Danville Planning Commissioner/ DRB Member
Kevin Donovan, Danville Parks Commissioner
Randall Diamond, Danville Parks Commissioner
Lee Halverson, Danville Heritage Resource Commissioner
Mark Belotz, Danville Design Review
John & Tena Gallagher
Bette & Jim Felton

A list of Activities for Newell continued:
Friendship City with New Ross, Ireland, County Wexford 2018
Honorary Chairman of the 20th Annual Teochew International Convention New Zealand 2019
Honorary Chairman of Launching Pad, California, USA
Contra Costa County Mayors Conference, Exec. Committee & Past Chair 
Tri-Valley Transportation Council, Past Chair
Tri-Valley Affordable Housing Committee, Past Chair 
CCTA, Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Board Member & APC Committee Member
State -wide League of Cities Transportation, Communications, and Public Works Policy Committee - Chair
TRAFFIX Board Member/ Co-founder /Chair
San Ramon Valley Mental Health Advisory Council
Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority, Chair &  Finance Committee
iGATE Innovation Hub, Board Member 
EBEDA, East Bay Economic Development Alliance for Business, Exec. Committee 
Discovery Counseling Center, Board Member 
Leadership San Ramon Valley, Board Member Danville, Past President
Danville Finance Committee
Danville Library Endowment Board Member 

A few Accomplishments

Accomplishments include helping lead Danville as chair of the oversight committee on design and completion of the Veteran's & Senior Center, Contra Costa Transportation Authority Board Member, Chair of the State-wide Committee on Transportation, Communications & Public Works,  founding board member TRAFFIX bus-to-school system, shop local business campaigns, maintaining our outstanding parks and school partnerships. Over the past years, Newell has been able to assist with community projects such as the permanent home for Valley Parent Preschool, Discovery Counseling Center's offices, the Thrift Station, the Gazebo structure at Hap Magee Ranch Park, to name a few. Newell has honorably represented our town with great community events such as the Home Town Hero celebration for Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger, Welcome Home celebration for Olympic Gold Medalists Jessica & Maggie Stefens and numerous Operation Welcome Home celebrations for our returning Veterans including his son, Cpl. Anthony Arnerich, USMC.

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