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Danville Councilmember Newell Arnerich, represents ‘Responsible Experienced Leadership’ in governance of the Town of Danville. Newell has always been committed to maintaining Danville’s ‘small town atmosphere and outstanding quality of life’ along a road that took over 150 years to build. Together, along with his fellow Councilmembers, he has guided Danville with no debt, no post-retirement obligations, no unfunded liabilities and the most cost effective community in the area. Newell is a selfless leader who dedicates his time to keeping Danville safe - the safest community in California.

Six Time Danville Councilmember/ Mayor Newell Arnerich's priority is always  to  preserve our small town atmosphere and outstanding quality of life.

"Danville is unique in many wonderful ways. We have preserved over 43% of Danville in permanent open space while protecting scenic ridge-lines in the San Ramon Valley within the shadow of the majestic Mt. Diablo. Fiscal responsibility takes discipline and leadership to maintain a shared value among our staff and Councilmembers. We do not have debt, nor any unfunded liabilities and are patient to save cash to provide capital for projects and new facilities. Our outstanding fiscal stewardship in Danville compares to no other cities in the State of California. Danville's (for disasters and state take-aways) coupled with one of the lowest per capita spending in the Tri-Valley area makes Danville the most effective cost governance. I am proud to be part on an on-going effort to keep Danville as one of the top ten safest cities"

Warm regards,
Danville Councilmember/Six Term Mayor Newell Arnerich

Danville Express Editorial Board endorses Arnerich, Doyle & Morgan: Experience Matters - see article in News
CCC Sheriff David Livingston endorses Mayor Newell Arnerich
  • North end of Hartz Avenue Beautification
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Operation Welcome Home
  • Partnerships with Schools
  • Controlling Growth in Tassajara Valley
  • Protection of Open Space & Scenic Hillsides
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Newell Arnerich, Mayor of Danville welcomes Steven Hom Insurance Services
Ribbon Cutting for Danville Business
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Proud Member of
Danville Area Chamber of Commerce
Friends of Councilmember Arnerich 2020 Newsletter  
Dear Friends and Supporters,

The 2020 campaign for Town Council elections are starting and we are seeking your support for Newell's re-election. He is running for the Town Council because he brings demonstrated fiscal responsibility and experienced leadership to the council. Newell is focused on maintaining our "small town atmosphere and outstanding quality of life" while celebrating that it has been over 150 years in the making. Danville did not happen by accident, it was carefully planned and has been carefully guided by Mayor Arnerich through his focus on open space protection, historic preservation of our local heritage, limited growth and regional leadership roles.
Thank you to all who have helped shape our past, present and future. Councilmember/Mayor Arnerich is proud to be part of maintaining Danville's character and high standards in governance. He would be honored  to be part of continuing that vision. We ask for your support and your vote on November 3rd, 2020. Thank you! 
Village Theater & New Art Gallery on Front St.
Veteran's Hall & Senior Center in Old Town Danville
Danville Express Editorial Board
CAPA Endorses Mayor Arnerich
Hon. David O. Livingston, CCC Sheriff
Chris Wenzel, Danville Police Chief, Ret.
Hon. Bill Clarkson, San Ramon Mayor
Hon. John Marchand, Mayor of Livermore
Hon. Robert Storer, Vice Mayor Danville
Hon. Mike Doyle, Danville Councilmember, former Mayor
Honorable Karen Stepper, Danville Councilmember, former Mayor
Hon. Don Ritchey, former Danville Mayor and Councilmember
Hon. Barbara Jagger, former Danville Councilmember
Hon. Dick Waldo, former Danville Mayor and Councilmember
Hon. John Coleman, EBMUD Director
Hon. Paul Gardner, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Ken Mintz, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Greg Marvel, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Rachel Hurd, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Denise Jennison, SRVUSD Board of Education
Hon. Matt Stamey, SRVFPD Director
Hon. Roxanne Lindsey, SRVFPD Director
Hon. Kish Rajan, Councilmember Walnut Creek
Hon. David Durant, Councilmember  & Former Mayor Pleasant Hill
Mark Graham, Danville Planning Commissioner
Lynn Osborn Overcashier, Danville Planning Commissioner
Paul Radich, Danville Planning Commissioner
Robert Combs, Danville Planning Commissioner/ DRB Member
Keri Bock-Williams, Danville Planning Commissioner
Tiffany Attwood, Danville Planning Commissioner
Renee Morgan, Danville Planning Commissioner/ HRC Member
Victoria Books, Danville Heritage Resource Commissioner
Doug Farry, Danville Arts Commissioner
Kevin Donovan, Danville Parks Commissioner
Susan Ritner, Danville Arts Commissioner
Michael Cory, Danville Parks Commissioner
Randall Diamond, Danville Parks Commissioner
Marc Silviera, Danville Design Review Board Member
Lee Halverson, Danville Heritage Resource Commissioner: Richard Price, Chief SRVFPD
Richard Price, Chief SRVFPD
Scott Hayden, Past President Danville Area Chamber of Commerce
Recent Accomplishments 

Recent accomplishments include helping lead Danville as chair of the oversight committee on design and completion of the Veteran's & Senior Center, continuing Operation Welcome Home for returning Veterans, founding board member TRAFFIX bus-to-school system, shop local business campaigns, maintaining our outstanding parks and school partnerships. Over the past years, Newell has been able to assist with community projects such as the permanent home for Valley Parent Preschool, Discovery Counseling Center's offices, the Thrift Station, the Gazebo structure at Hap Magee Ranch Park, to name a few. Mayor Arnerich has honorably represented our town with great community events such as the Home Town Hero celebration for Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger, Welcome Home celebration for Olympic Gold Medalists Jessica & Maggie Stefens and numerous Operation Welcome Home celebrations for our returning Veterans including his son, Cpl. Anthony Arnerich, USMC.
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