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The New Veteran's Memorial Building & Senior Center
Mayor Arnerich was the chair of the new Veteran's Memorial Building & Senior Center oversight committee in planning this wonderful new community facility. Located in the heart of Old Town Danville the building houses all of our local veterans organizations, a military museum, veteran's services offices, military library and many other functions to support our past and current veterans. The new Senior Center shares large common meeting and assembly areas with the Veteran's. The Senior center is staffed daily along with a Senior Counselor from Discovery Counseling in support of senior needs.
Operation Welcome Home
Mayor Arnerich co-founded Operation Welcome Home for returning veteran's along with Mike Conklin to make sure all of of military personnel were welcomed back to their community. Another program was founded following the start of Operation Welcome Home, the Sentinels of Freedom Program - to assist severely wounded military personnel. Mike Conklin is the CEO/President of this nationwide program that started in Danville. Mayor Arnerich and many others helped Mike Conklin start this program. Our first local veteran who was helped by this program was Jake Brown, a San Ramon Valley High School Graduate, who was severely injured. Jake was assisted with housing, mentorship, and education career counseling. Jake went on to receive both his Bachelors and Masters degrees and no works in a Fortune 500 high tech company.
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